When projects are not being completed as expected, or deliveries are a real time challenge, it is the ideal moment to stop, take some time, and rethink strategy.  Watching a lot of clients fail miserably when attempting to deliver their initiatives, brought some lessons that a good strategist must learn.  Some ideas worth evaluating are:

· If you have a budget, spend it wisely.  If your manager has the budget, more reason to spend it wisely.

· An unnecessary expenditure starts with bad planning.  This is the moment to decide to consult, bring workforce, or to combine initiatives.  Combining resources could keep you within your budget, while saving some money to cover any unforeseen expenses.

· Problems with planning and follow up team players? Consider bringing a project manager, expert in managing time, activities, and with enough influence skills to make things happen.  Just one advice.  When interviewing, look for their specific tasks in previous projects.  An expert PMP plan, track, and deliver results.  They show the red flags only when necessary, adjust the plan and communicate to key players.

· Bring a team of consultants, each one to deliver a slice of the initiative, when you need subject matter experts.  Remember that at the end you must pay the price of an expert, when you are working with one.